....a few words on who I am

Good question, thank you for asking. I‘m a former electrician who lost both my arms in an electric accident in 1998. I lost everything in the aftermath, my fiance left with our two daughters, I lost my capabilities to take care of myself and my identity.

If I wasn‘t the hardworking electrician with steady work, fiance and two little daughters then who was I?


I would love to be able to say „I tackled it like a spiritual warrior“ but I didn‘t. I dove into drugs and depression. For the next four years, my life only got worse. But fortunately, there came a day of awakening. I realized I was much stronger than I thought and the world is full of good people who can help us navigate our difficulties.


From the year 2002, I have been in constant growth and managed to create a happy fulfilling life for myself. I have contributed to the growth of countless individuals as well as my own. I‘m privileged enough now to make that my sole profession to speak in public and coach individuals through life‘s challenges. You don‘t need to lose arms and organs to struggle. In the end, we are all dealing with the same challenge. OUR MINDS.

In 2021 I was privileged to become the first person in the world to get two, whole arms, transplanted on me. The healing process has been way above and beyond all expectations.

Sylwia Gretarsson

Sylwia Gretarsson

Yoga instructor
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