A lot has been written and recorded in relation to Felix’s journey, both before and after the arm transplant. For over 10 years, documentary makers from Iceland and France followed him in every significant moment in order to document this historical surgery. The result is (will be) two full-length documentaries. The first one, New Hands – Within Reach came out in August 2018. The second one, covering the operation itself and the following year is expected in 2022.
Two radio documentaries have also been aired as well as countless articles and interviews all over the world. The following links are in no way fully extensive but we try to link those we think might interest anyone curious about this story.


New Arms - Within Reach Trailer


June 17th 2020, Doc On One, an Irish radio station launched a documentary just called “FELIX”. This was the first documentary made by Charlotte Devlin. It covers the early years in Felix’s life, the struggle after losing his arms and the journey to France with the hope of getting new arms. You can listen to it by clicking the button below.

DOC ON ONE - FELIX, Life and Limb

On September 14th 2021, Doc On One, then followed up on the previous documentary by publishing FELIX – LIFE AND LIMB. In this one Charlotte covers the day when Felix finally got the call, telling him that a donor had been found, and the following months in his and his family’s life. an



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